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Friday, March 9, 2018

Toddler Fun!

Here are a few more photos from today :)   Happy Friday!!!

Addie loved her "coat with a hole"

Our silly little Kate!
(these are gloves :) )

Lily loved touching the sweet baby hands...

Hanging out in the rec room!

Go Ari, Go!

Lily LOVES baby Bodhi!

Jake is helping push Sawyer :)

Westin and Bohdi are having fun too!

Getting to know our new, sweet friend Ari!

Hope your weekend goes well!

Parachute Play with the two's class!

Today we had a blast with the parachute in the rec room.
The snow kept us inside, but it didn't keep us from having fun!!

Miss Amanda led us in Ring Around the Rosie with the parachute!
It was SO fun!

Happy Friday Everyone!!