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Thursday, October 17, 2019

A list of items we need for the Toddler Room

We are looking for a few items for activities we will be doing in the Toddler Room.  
If you have any of the following items at home that you would like to donate, we would appreciate it!

1. Large kitchen wisks 
2. Small kids-size brooms
3. Small kid-size dustpans 
4. Fake leaves

We also can always use soft tissues and paper towels.  :)

Thank you!

Here is a picture of what we will be doing with the wisks:

Toddler Classroom Pictures

What a wonderful fall week it has been in the Toddler Room!  We had so much fun exploring the classroom, the rec-room, painting and playing outside this week.  We even got to investigate the big kid play yard.  There was a ton of room for us to run around and dig in the sandbox.  Here are a couple of pictures from this week for you to enjoy.