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Monday, January 30, 2017

February news!

Joyful Noise Toddler’s February 2017 Newsletter

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Scholastic orders are due by 10am on Thursday, February 16th!  There are a lot of fun new books we have been reading that your child will truly enjoy!

To Charly!  She will turn 2 on February 11th!

Please make sure you label ALL of your child's items...socks included.  There is a small box of lost and found items on our shoe shelf that will be donated on EACH Friday if they are not claimed.

  Don't forget your snow gear!!

If you would like to donate anything to the classroom, there is a list below of items we are in need of!
Thank you so much in advance!  You are all amazing!!

**Shaving cream
**Tooth paste
**Big bags of rice
**Soft Tissues

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It’s Wacky Week!!!
February 13-17

Monday: Pj day (wear your favorite pjs!)
Tuesday:  Crazy hair day (get crazy!)
Wednesday:  Wacky outfit day (get creative!)
Thursday:  Favorite sports team day
Friday:  Valentine’s Day Party: wear pink or red or a valentine shirt

We will try to take photos each day of the children in their “wacky” week attire.  Photos will be posted on the blog throughout the week.
Have a fun and wacky week!

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We will be having a Valentine party on FRIDAY, FEB. 17TH around 3ish...  There will be a sign up sheet on the clipboard the week of the party.  Feel free to sign up!  Also, below is a list of the classroom names.  We will be making little bags for the children to put their valentine's in.  Feel free to bring in Valentine's for your child to hand out!  Just place them in their cubby or give them to a teacher and we will distribute them. 
   Valentine Name list:
Teachers:  Miss Kay, Kelly, Jan, Kathy & Holly

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          Looking forward to a great February!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Construction time and Outdoor play!

        Today we took out some tools and went to work! 

     Some of the children loved "fixing up" the classroom!

Most of the children loved getting outside today as well!

Happy Monday!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Q-tip foil paintings

                         Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today we had some texture fun by painting on shiny, crinkly, aluminum foil with our straight, soft ended Q-tips!  The children seemed to have a great time with their new "painting brushes."

Friday, January 6, 2017

Nutrition from head to toe, LAST DAY...TOFU!

                              Today we tried TOFU! 


                      We learned that the protein in Tofu helps make your bones strong.

First we played with the tofu a bit, to get a feel of it's texture. 
It was very cold and wobbly!

Then I dipped the tofu in parmesan cheese and garlic and
pan fried it until crispy!


Everyone tried it!

Sadie liked it!

 Charly really did like it, even though her face says otherwise:)


Caelen loved it and ate it so fast I couldn't get photos fast enough!

Johnny tried it but...not sure he loved it...

Harper's thinking about it...

 Johnny tried one more bite...

 Charlie wasn't too sure at first...

 but liked it!

 Ryan loved it after a little hesitation as well!

Ryan cleaned his plate!

 Harper finally even tried it!

  Sadie says it's good!

 Charly has one more bite!

I was very impressed with our children today and how brave they were to try and even eat ALL of our Tofu!  Our tofu bites were delicious, and we had so much fun today!