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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cool whip play!

Today we had a blast showing the children that their teeth are white like cool whip, and when you add colorful sugary foods, they change colors!  (we used cool whip and green and yellow Kool-Aid)

They had fun smearing it around and some of them even tasted it!

Ryan did NOT like it at all... he decided to read a book instead :)

Alyvia's little sister tried it!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday Funday!

This week we are talking about our Teeth, and going to the Dentist!

Yesterday we "brushed our teeth" with blocks and paint, to see how to get in between, up, down, back and forth, and the top and bottom of our teeth.

We also had a great time outside, playing in the
springtime weather!

And, had a lot to accomplish at our
communication station!

Sophia decided she'd rather wear her fancy shoes than
type emails :)

 Lastly, we shared Sushi and Pizza with each other~!