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Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Party & Friday Fun Day!

Thank you all who were able to make it to our Christmas Party yesterday!

We had such a great time chatting and playing.  

Here are a few photos from the party and from our little party today too.  
We watched a short Mickey Mouse video and then did some dancing with some fun sing-a-long videos!

We continued our little Christmas party today with a movie and snack!

Time for some singing and dancing!


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

January News

Welcome to January!

The second week in January we are doing Nutrition from head to toe in Toddler classroom.  We will be trying different types of healthy foods that help nurture different parts of your body.
Please look at the list of foods and let me know if you DO NOT want your child to try a certain food. 

Monday: Button mushrooms & cheddar cheese
Tuesday: Brussel Sprouts & organic tricolor carrots
Wednesday: Fresh Spinach & Legumes
Thursday: Tofu bites baked with parmesan cheese
Friday: Avocados & blueberries

1-tub of button mushrooms
1-block of cheddar cheese
1-bag of Brussel Sprouts
1-bag of organic tri-color carrots
1-bunch or bag of fresh spinach
1-can lima beans
2- packages of tofu
2- pints of blueberries
 We could also use some help purchasing these healthy treats.  Feel free to drop them off to the classroom by January 8th if you feel led!  Thank you!

Scholastics are due by 10am on Tuesday, January 22nd 
Log onto the Scholastic website for amazing book deals!

During this time of year we try to keep all of the children’s items together, but it gets tricky with so many children and so many items!  
To make things easier for us, please label ALL of their items with their first and last initial AND place them in the big white bag each day. (wet boots can go on the rug if they are labeled)
We will write a note when they have to be taken home to be laundered.  Thank you!!

This month we will be learning about how to stay healthy!
We will be learning about different healthy foods, how to contain our coughs, how to ask for a tissue when we need one, and things like that.
Here’s to a healthy New Year!

Joyful Noise will be closing at 5pm on Monday, December 31st for New years eve, and will be CLOSED on Tuesday, January 1st for New Years day.

We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season.
Thank you all for your many blessings to us!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Silly Toddlers!

The toddlers had a case of the sillies today!

Our purses became hats...

Babies went on a train ride

We played peek-a-boo with blocks!

Cupboards make a great hide and seek spot!

Drew wanted to rock herself in the baby cradle!

And Greta went on a bear hunt!

Happy Friday!!